Get a Portland Nursery designed planting plan to take the guesswork out of plant selection.

We use the measurements, photos, and information that you provide in your questionnaire to create a custom plan after consulting with you on practical and aesthetic direction.

Plans for plant combinations are available for ready-to-plant yards that are not overly sloped and already have the hardscape installed.

Follow the steps listed below to help get us started on your plan today, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

By getting a little dirty, you can save big!

Size (sq. ft.) Consultation /Design Fee
0 - 100 $200
101 - 200 $250
201 - 300 $300
301 - 400 $350
401 - 500 $400
501 - 600 $450
601 - 700 $500
701 - 800 $550
801 - 900 $600
901 - 1000 $650

**Existing lawns, paths and other features staying as-is are subtracted from the total square feet.

Contact us if you are interested in a plan for projects over 1000 square feet.

NOTE: Customers may incur a re-design fee for consultation & design help needed due to inaccurate site measurements or site changes.

1. Measure your site

  • First, draw your yard on paper. Draw an arrow pointing towards north. Measure the space and write the dimensions onto your drawing. Write the measurements in feet. The more measurements the better!
  • Measure garden beds, existing structures, containers to plant, plants to keep, utility boxes & paths. Show window/door/hose bib placement. Note window sill height from ground.
  • Measure areas where privacy screening is desired and gauge height & width needed.
  • Mark areas that are particularly soggy, dry, sunny, shady, or have poor soil conditions. Indicate views to keep and those to block.
  • When your drawing is complete, take a photo of it or save it as a pdf.

2. Take Photos of your site

  • Firmly plant your feet & rotate while taking pictures.
  • Take an overview photo of the entire project area, as well as photos showing any views you'd like to block and areas you'd like to focus on.
  • Take photos of areas you'll see from inside the house looking out.
  • Take closeups of any plants you'd like to keep and/or need identified.

3. Fill out our Questionnaire

Fill out the Questionnaire and submit it along with your uploaded images. Access the Questionnaire here.


What is the turnaround time for a finished plan?

Typically 2-3 weeks, can be longer in the peak season of Spring and shorter in Dec-Jan.

What is included in the design fee?

  • Phone consultation before plan work begins.
  • Digital and print copy of a professionally scaled planting plan customized for your space.
  • Plant list with maintenance notes.
  • Plant shopping, including plant substitutions if requested for anything out of stock.

Does Portland Nursery design hardscapes?

If you are looking for a patio, deck or other hardscape features, you'll need to hire an outside designer/contractor to install those elements first. For larger planting areas, informal paths with permeable surfaces such as cedar chips or gravel/flagstone can be included in the planting plan. But no construction drawings are available.

Does Portland Nursery design container plantings?

Yes. Have a space that needs to be all containers? We can design the layout, containers and plant combinations, pot them up and deliver them finished. Please contact our designer about your project for details.

If you are looking for one or a few seasonal containers, please check out our Container of the Month page for ideas and then head into either location. All you'll need to do is choose the plants, and we can do the potting for a small fee: houseplants, hanging baskets, mixed containers, holiday center pieces, window boxes, bonsai, shrubs and trees in containers.

Can you install and maintain my plantings?

No. We do offer curbside delivery and are always happy to hand select your plants. We can also share a referral list for area gardeners. It's a very word-of-mouth business, so we also suggest asking neighbors/friends for suggestions.